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Guru Services


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The Guru team has dedicated over forty years to working with education agencies around the globe and many organizations— such as the British Council, ICEF, and AIRC— to build an unequaled knowledge base of organizations that best serve universities seeking to establish, manage, and recruit international students.

By contracting with Guru, you can rest assured that their advising staff will be committed to your success from start to finish.

University Development 

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The Guru team has built recruiting agencies in multiple countries and understands the unique needs of an agency business.

From identifying the "right fit" universities to negotiating favorable contract terms and ensuring timely communication and payment, the Guru team provides comprehensive support to ensure your success.

Student Development 

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With over 100 years of combined university counseling experience the Admissions Guru team is ready to assist with all aspects of the college admission, scholarship, and visa process.

Working with university and agency partners, Admissions Guru ensures accurate, honest, and timely information to students seeking an international university degree. 

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